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Women's Peace Table

On October 21, 2016, Vanuatu was one of only twenty countries around the world to host a Women’s Peace Table.


Organized by Peace Women across the Globe, the Peace Table is designed to promote women’s right to equal participation in all decision making, in line with UN Resolution Council 1325.  Hosted by Women against Crime and Corruption (WACC) and supported by HCDI, the full-day program  featured presentations by key representatives from the government and civil society, such as Vanuatu’s Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek , well known political figure and activist Motarilavoa Hilda Lini, and others, including WACC chair Jenny Lego.


HCDI Executive Director Dr. Astrid Kersten presented on the legislative background, including key international agreements such as CEDAW, UNSR 1325 and 8 related resolutions, as well as a separate talk on alternative dispute resolution. The program also included community dialogue on central issues of peace and justice, which formed the beginning of a National Action Plan.


HCDI continued to support the Women's Peace Table events in 2017 and 2018, focusing on issues related to women in humanitarian crises.

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