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HCDI is a charitable association, devoted to serving the people of Vanuatu by contributing to the development of human capacity.

HDI is registered in Vanuatu with the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, the NGO desk of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and as a member of VANGO.


We work to create capacity development initiatives in three distinct areas:

1. Development and Humanitarian Aid: As a nation, Vanuatu has many strengths, including 40 years of independent government, a growing service and industry sector, a resilient people, a strong culture, and a beautiful nature setting. It is also, however, a developing country in a disaster-prone region, and as such, it has an ongoing need for development and humanitarian aid, especially for those efforts that build on existing strengths and that seek to enhance the capacities and abilities of its own people. Working collaboratively with government and other NGOs, HCDI designs and implements training programs,  modeled on the current competency standards developed in the field by, among others, ALNAP and Sphere .  


2. Public Administration and Participatory Governance: As outlined in the Government Priorities and Action Agenda, Vanuatu has a need for strengthening the “good governance principles of accountability, transparency and predictability" and enhancing “the participation of all sections of the community and stakeholders in policy formulation, development and implementation". HCDI aims to meet this need by working collaboratively with government to design and offer training programs for public sector officials in such areas as public sector strategic planning, assessment, management skills, decision-making, ethics, and HRM.

3. Special Areas, Research, and Projects: Working with community groups, established organisations, and other populations, HCDI creates capacity development and research projects in special areas of interest, focusing on generating resources, creating knowledge, and developing strengths to support ongoing development. Examples include: grant writing workshops, small business development, micro-funding initiatives, research projects, and more. Special attention is given to projects designed to support rural communities and initiatives, projects to support women, children and families in areas of safety, family unity, and gender equity, and applied research projects in all areas that contribute to the advancement of society, including climate change, cultural practices, and gender equality.

HCDI Happy Chicken Training on Tanna, with Department of Livestock & community members

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