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Capacity Development- Women's Groups

HCDI has a special interest in promoting women's empowerment and quality. We have worked on capacity development and accompaniment of a number of women’s groups and individual women in leadership positions, reflecting its special interest in promoting women’s equality.      A few examples include:

  • Organisation of events for International Women's Day, 16 Days of Activism, International Day of the Girl Child, and more;

  • Long term sewing and business development project in the Port Vila Women's Correctional Centre;

  • Support and mentoring of Sista and VPride in strategic planning and capacity development;

  • Direct and indirect support to women's small business efforts, including Hapi Jiken

  • Support of Women against Crime and Corruption (WACC) in developing an organizational history, narrative and strategic plan, along with grant writing applications to support future activities;

  • Work with Port Vila Floaoa and Plant Asosiesen (VFPA) in a variety of areas, including organisation and implementation of the Children’s Day celebration on July 24, 2015, development of working calendar and strategic plan, and support of social media advertising;

  • Support of 4 Women's Associations in Port Vila to prepare an application for the Secretariat of the Pacific Community’s RRRT PPAC Project Small Grants Facility, focusing on developing an awareness program to combat the growing program of gambling among urban and rural women in Vanuatu; 

  • Support of  individual women leaders on Efate and Santo to develop strategic capacity in education, computer skills, public speaking and more;

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