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HCDI's Clients over the past 8 years have included:

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)- Research report on the impact of COVID-19 on Youth Digital Engagement; 1st phase stakeholder consultations, Disability Inclusion in Disasters Media project, supported by ABC and AHP. 

Farm Support Association (FSA)- Thrive Project Midterm Review, Regional Training Center  Review, Organisational  Capacity Assessment, comprehensive  MEAL system development , Thrive, Farmer Reflection meetings, and M&E capacity development support. 


Ground Truth Solution (GTS)- As part of a CDAC and GTS project, provided capacity development support to NDMO in communication and community engagement (CCE) - development of procedures, guidelines and training, trialing of a Rapid Pro Coconut Beetle Assessment, placement & training of HCDI research officer at NDMO.


NasiTuan - Strategic Business, Finance, Management & HRM

capacity development, support NasiTuan in HR recruitment and selection, organisational planning, and management development.

National University of Vanuatu (NUV) - Capacity development support incl. HRM and finance manuals, compensation structure, its 9-year strategic plan, comprehensive gender and inclusion study, AFD grant feasibility study, curriculum design and implementation support for its Climate Resilience and Humanitarian Action program.


Oxfam in Vanuatu - Midterm Strategic Review, business development, capacity building support, annual  retreat, HRM support, development of toolbox (English & Bislama) and Learning Paper for Socio-Economic Empowerment Dialogue  (SEED), APLIFT end line study and follow-up research for CDCCCs,  capacity assessment for partners, Gender and Inclusion Design workshop with Oxfam and its partners.

Sista - Collaboration on women’s equality projects, mentoring and capacity development, support for review of Child Maintenance Act,  Journey to Change project, on intimate partner violence, supported by Spotlight Initiative, resulting in Stanap Strong website, Women Up Half the Sky documentary, 16 Days of Activism campaigns, and more.

Vanuatu Climate Action Network (VCAN) - Facilitation of Reflection and Strategic Planning Meeting, development of strategic roadmap, design and delivery of a 3-day grant writing workshop for VCAN members which resulted in 2 grant applications and 2 grant awards

Vanuatu Government:

- Prime Minister's Office/ Citizenship Commission - comprehensive      review of Vanuatu CBI program

- Climate Justice Taskforce - project review

- Internal Affairs NGO desk - support of development of NGO policy

- Ministry of Justice - participation in UPR review, 3 day grant writing workshop for NGOs 

Vanuatu National Audit Office (VNAO) - National Audit Office - development of complete, competency-based HRM system using INTOSAI standards, 2 strategic plans: 5 year strategic plan 2016-2020 and the new 2022-2026 Corporate Plan and annual reports. 

Vanuatu Association of NGOs (VANGO)  - Organizational development support, including full Strategic plan, HR & Finance policies, fundraising and advocacy strategy, grant writing support, annual reflection meeting.

Vanuatu Society for People with Disability (VSPD) -  Development

of Finance Manual,  Staff Manual, Board Manual, finance

capacity training, team building sessions, organisational capacity assessment, facilitation of funding.

VPride  - 5 year strategic plan, board training, constitution  review, finance systems and capacity development,  grant writing training and  support resulting in 6 independent grants, development of SOGIE booklet, training of trainers; support for organising an UNOHCHR sponsored human rights advocacy event in Vanuatu, SOGIE diversity in Vanuatu research project, COVID 19 research, development of the 1st Vanuatu citizens score cards in health and education; SOGIE inclusion in times of disasters guide and course, facilitation of a Pacific-wide intersectionality training initiative.

Youth Challenge Vanuatu (YCV) - Midterm review for YCV’s EYEL program, focused on youth development and youth employment, ongoing donated support in monitoring and evaluation capacity development. 


Rapporteur and Outcome Statement Services for Pacific Islands Farming Organisation Network (PIFON), Pacific  NGO Association (PIANGO), Vanuatu National Disability Influencing Forum, Vanuatu 1st Feminist Forum (through Sista).

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