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 HCDI Community Outreach - Middle Bush, Tanna

In 2021, HCDI completed a health awareness campaign in Middle Bush, Tanna, reaching over 2000 people on Covid-19 awareness and the health alert system.

Responding to local requests from the community and the Nanunata Area Council, HCDI then began a training program with 6 communities, using its unique, local approach of capacity building, community building, and long-term support and follow-up.

To date, we have fully trained 18 CDCCCs, and continue to work with them in these areas: 

  • Support NDMO registration of CDCCC

  • Complete community profile, disaster preparedness plan, and climate adaptation plan

  • Ensure disaster preparedness plans are fully shared with communities, and all necessary steps regarding communication, warning, preparedness kits, and inclusion are in place

  • Ensure climate adaption plans are implemented, with a focus on food security in times of disasters, using backyard gardening, adaptive agriculture, nurseries, Hapi Jiken, and other relevant trainings

  • Apply participatory, reflection-based monitoring and evaluation tools

  • Work with and support the Nanunata Area Council

  • Support the development of 3 youth climate action organizations, including organizational development and registration, and training in project management and finance management.

We will continue this work over the next year, and expand it to include more communities, more trainings, gender and inclusion awareness, and working with Van KIRAP, a traditional knowledge research project.

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