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Humanitarian and Social Support

Consistent with its mission to contribute to the lives and well-being of the people of Vanuatu, HCDI has also supported social and humanitarian initiatives through direct donations:

  • 8 tuition scholarships to students in the Climate Resilience and Humanitarian Action program at the National University of Vanuatu

  • 2020 Tropical Cyclone Harold recovery support to West Coast Santo, in collaboration with Butterfly Trust

  • Support for a PSA local learning site construction in Prima

  • Support for opening of the Tanna Baha'i House of Worship 

  • Funding of the VOAS campaign on Tanna

  • Support of the Walking for Wheels Campaign

  • Support to the 16Days of Activism Campaign

  • Support to small CSOs for registration and organizational development

  • Individual support for scholarships and emergencies

  • Facilitation of World Prayer Day Netherlands donations to VSPD and Butterfly Trust

  • Matching  donation to Butterfly Trust for portable dental unit

  • Donation of 50,000 vatu to Giving Hands Vanuatu for repair of the Women’s Maternity Ward of the Port Vila Hospital

  • Donation of 50,000 vatu to VBTC in its campaign to fund incubators for the neonatal ward of the hospital

  • Donation of 50,000 vatu Vanuatu Yumi Wan food campaign

  • Support for 2022 Vanuatu Risk Reduction Day in Eton village

  • Translation of the VPride SOGIE booklet into Bislama and a Gold Sponsorship to the 2021 Fashion Show

  • Training and registration of three climate action youth organizations on Tanna

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