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"Australia Awards Vanuatu employed the services of HCDI to facilitate a Grant Writing Workshop for our alumni interested in applying for the Alumni Grant Scheme; providing seed funding for initiatives that create impact in the professional field, organisation and community of our alumni. Dr. Astrid provided an extremely thorough facilitation of the procedures and protocols that align specifically with our internal policies and criteria, ensuring our alumni were supported and developed a deep understanding as to how to effectively research, formulate and submit their funding proposals. We look forward to collaborating with HCDI again in the future."

"The Vanuatu Climate Action Network (VCAN)  values and acknowledges the support HCDI provided to the network by developing its Road Map and Strategic Plan, Policy Perception Study, Reflection meetings, and grant writing workshops. We look forward to continue this mutual partnership into the future to help our network members and their communities become resilient to the impending impacts of climate change."


"VANGO deeply appreciates the significant partnership and engagement from Human Capacity Development International. Your advice and support have played a pivotal role in enhancing the systems and operations of VANGO."

"Sista has worked with HCDI in numerous projects, capacity development, and events. Under the Spotlight funded project 'Journey to Change', we worked together to develop a booklet and short video clips of male advocates, and developed the website 'Stanap Strong', an online resource dedicated to ending and preventing GBV. HCDI supported Sista to develop an outcome statement for Vanuatu's 1st ever Feminist Forum and drafted our report under the PPAC and FRIDA funded project 'Strong Mama' to review the Maintenance of Children Act. Most recently we collaborated to produce 'Women Hold Up Half The Sky', the story of women municipal counselors. 


Dr. Astrid from HCD has been an important partner for Sista since our inception in 2016 and is always willing to give her time and guidance to support our work, often at no cost. Whether it's mentoring in HR, Finance and Administration, providing capacity building training on how to conduct interviews and how to write a report, collaborating to support the SOGIE community, or assisting to draft Sista's constitution and policies that set the tone for how Sista would grow as an organisation. We have valued working with HCDI and consider them a valuable asset for Vanuatu's development. We look forward to continuously working with HCDI in the years to come! "

"VPride expresses its heartfelt gratitude for the unwavering support, guidance, encouragement and mentorship that HCDI has provided to VPride. From our 1st engagement in developing our Strategic Plan and reviewing our Constitution, we recognized the genuine values, respect, and understanding from the HCDI  team.

HCDI's support enabled us to enhance our skills, embrace challenging assignments, and grow. both personally and professionally. HCDI's dedication to creating a positive and empowering work environment has empowered VPride to reach its fullest potential. HCDI played a pivotal role in VPride's remarkable success in securing grants, establishing sustainable partnerships with government entities and international NGOs, and achieving numerous other milestones. It is truly an honor to work in partnership with an organization like HCDI that strives to make a profound and positive impact on our society."


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