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Capacity Development Services Offered by HCDI

Consistent with HCDI's mission, we offer a wide range of human capacity development services. These include:

  • Strategic planning - developing full plans, context alignment, and monitoring  i 

  • Governance, including Board manuals, Board training, and Board assessment

  • Human Resource Management (all areas, incl. recruitment and selection, remuneration systems, performance management, training and evaluation, organisational health assessment)

  • Monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEAL) development

  • Program review and assessment

  • Financial management, including finance manuals, fraud prevention training, finance training, Xero software installation and training

  • Conflict management, team building, and mediation

  • Grant writing and business development training

All services are custom-tailored to the needs of the client organisation, and work collaboratively with client organisation staff, to ensure optimal transfer of skills and knowledge. HCDI also has a long-standing reputation for follow-up and continuing accompaniment to ensure client satisfaction. 


HCDI often works on a team basis, to ensure that a diverse and comprehensive team delivers the services requested.


Services are offered at a cost-basis, and in turn, they fund HCDI community development and humanitarian projects. For examples, please see our client and feed back pages.

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